Australia Post says it is nearing the end of a massive telecommunications transformation. 

Australia Post’s head of technology for network and infrastructure engineering, Shane Hazim, says the provider is setting up a future featuring smart operations powered by connected devices.

The transformation involves upgrading connectivity at all Australia Post sites to link them in a software-defined network.

Communications and collaboration systems are changing too, with Cisco and Telstra helping to define a standard pattern and implement it to reduce complexity in future site builds.

Mr Hazim says collaboration is already up by 40 per cent, and has led to new capabilities such as methods to intercept money or assets that customers unwittingly mail to scammers.

The overhaul is also enabling Australia Post’s contact centre partners and business units to have a view across the workforce, potentially improving the customer experience. 

Mr Hazim has provided an in-depth view of the four streams of work in Australia Post’s telecommunications transformation in the latest episode of the iTnews podcast.