The Bureau of Meteorology is setting up a new all-in-one platform.

The Bureau is seeking to deliver its suite of meteorological information and services in a more user-friendly form.

The new platform will bring together the Bureau's myriad different channels, many of which are built on various and outdated types of technologies.

It currently delivers its observations, forecasts, warnings, analysis and advice vie various channels spanning websites, mobile applications, SMS, and social media.

But it has wider goals, to “secure and harden all elements of the bureau’s operating environment, improve the resilience of services and address risks arising from the fragility of the existing ICT landscape consisting of ageing applications and infrastructure”.

The bureau received money in the latest federal budget to shore up the security and resilience of its ICT systems and business processes.

The BoM is now seeking suppliers to design, supply, build and run a single platform for delivering products and services to both its internal and external users.

Tender documents say the platform will include “a new responsive web presence comprising a primary website and sub-sites”.

The bureau expects as many as 3.5 billion page views per year, and 5 million API requests per day.

The bureau’s new platform is expected to consist of a self-service portal and payment gateway for users to purchase and subscribe to products and services.