The Commonwealth Bank has unveiled its new point-of-sale (POS) system, including the release of its new Albert touch screen omni-commerce device which will run the bank’s new CommBank Pi software platform system.


Commbank said the new system has been built to specifically cater for the needs of business and customers, a result of a significant investment in design and engineering that addresses the complex security needs of POS systems.


The new CommBank Albert system is a 7 inch touch screen device specifically designed by the Commonwealth Bank and will run the CommBank Pi system, which will enable application developers and businesses to easily create applications for business use and distribute them through the AppBank to merchants.


“Every aspect of the customer interaction is being transformed by social, mobile and online technologies,” said Kelly Bayer Rosmarin, Executive General Manager of Corporate Banking Solutions, Commonwealth Bank.


“Today we are leveraging our multi-year investment in core banking and ongoing innovation at the edge to transform point-of-sale forever. With CommBank Pi, Australia is positioned to lead the retail revolution globally and deliver outstanding experiences to consumers that are as secure as they are simple.”