A national review has been launched after complaints about drone noise.

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack says a formal review will be complete by the end of the year.

The review “will consider the community noise impact of drone operations, the size, frequency and nature of drone operations (recreational and commercial), and existing safety regulations administered by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority”, he stated.

The Department of Infrastructure has updated its website to say it has “formed the view” that a range of drone operations should require noise approvals.

“The review will examine state and territory regulations that commonly cover noise from equipment operating in urban environments,” Mr McCormack's statement read.

“It will also look at developments overseas and industry innovation to reduce noise impacts through better drone design and operations including varying flight paths.”

A Google-linked company called Wing has been testing delivery drones in Canberra's northern, but its permission expires on July 31.

The pilot project has prompted a series of noise complaints.

“The drones were … accompanied by varying profoundly irritating sounds, such as high-pitched screaming, screeching, buzzing, whining, zooming,” one submission to the government said.