Cloud provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) is experiencing issues on a number of its services.

AWS says “increased error rates and latencies” have appeared on several of its Australian cloud services.

Users have reported errors in fetching instance data on their accounts, problems with deployment and other workflow issues.

Affected services include EC2, elastic load balancing (ELB), relational database service (RDS) and AppStream 2.0.

AWS said the issue “mainly affects EC2 RunInstances and VPC related API requests."

“We continue to experience increased API error rates for the EC2 APIs in the AP-SOUTHEAST-2 region,” it said in a status notification.  

“We have confirmed the root cause, and are working on multiple paths toward recovering the subsystem that is impaired, which is responsible for networking related API calls.

“Customers using the EC2 management console may experience errors describing resources, as well as making mutating API requests.

‘Connectivity to existing instances in the AP-SOUTHEAST-2 remains unaffected.”