Opponents to Telstra’s proposed NBN handling policy are lining up, with NBN Co itself now saying Telstra should think again.

NBN Co has joined iiNet, Optus and AAPT in calling for Telstra's latest NBN information security plan to be rejected by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

The Telco’s are trying to sort out what data will be available to companies when customers want to change over to the NBN. Reports say Telstra has been too broad in the data they want access to, leading to some concern over the potential misuse of information. Their draft plan has been rejected by the ACCC once already, a second rejection now seems likely.

Telstra has conceded some ground in its most recent revision of the information security plan, committing to restrict internal sharing of information related to NBN Co's points of interconnect, many of which are Telstra exchanges.

NBN Co argued that Telstra couldn't know with any certainty what information would and wouldn't afford it a competitive advantage, pouring cold water on the incumbent's reasons to exclude transit data.