NBN Co. has started a mailbox campaign warning of the risks of not getting on board with the new optical network.

Reports say the rollout of broadband services to multi-dwelling units has been causing some complications, with some property owners refusing to upgrade. The warnings being distributed by NBN Co. reinforce the fact that it will become difficult to keep making phone call or access the internet some time soon.

 NBN Co head of regulatory affairs and industry analysis Caroline Lovell says, “Evidence from previous fixed network rollouts clearly suggests that overcoming the challenge of frustrated premises requires an effective communications strategy outlining both the benefits of connection as well as the adverse consequences of not connecting...  adverse consequences of refusing to allow NBN Co, or its delivery partner, to install infrastructure which enables the premises to become NBN serviceable include . . . if residents want to keep making phone calls and accessing the internet using one of these landline services, they will need to switch their service to the NBN.”

The “last chance” letters being sent to some premises say eventually the owner will lose out. NBN Co is allowed to replace copper services for those areas deemed “unserviceable”, but will do so after planned optical upgrades and at a further cost to the building’s owner.

NBN Co spokesman Andrew Sholl said the network was a "once-in-a-lifetime overhaul of fixed-line telecommunications in this country... it's not unreasonable that we would make every effort to inform home owners, business people and bodies corporate about the switchover."