The National Information Communication Technology Australia group (NICTA) has announced its content for the upcoming CeBIT conference


Among the content announced for display at the CeBIT conference by NICTA is:


  • Technology to accurately forecast the costs associated with migrating business applications to cloud computing
  • Tools to model the performance of enterprise system
  • the latest work from the Australian Centre for Broadband Innovation

NICTA research and businesses at CeBIT this year include:

  • Disaster recovery and business continuity solutions using the cloud
  • Tool to forecast the likely cost of migrating applications to the cloud
  • Prototype system to manage and monitor hybrid cloud environments
  • The latest research from the NICTA team developing implant systems to treat chronic pain and neurological disorders
  • Enterprise system modelling software with new interface to vendor technologies
  • Bionic eye computer vision processing research
  • Smart mobile content distribution solution to combat the mobile data capacity crunch
  • Solutions to extract value from large datasets before they are loaded into the data warehouse
  • Automated measurement and evaluation technologies to improve athletic performance
  • Decentralised scalable platforms for massively multiplayer online applications


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