The NSW government will soon launch a cyber security strategy for the public sector.

The state’s chief information security officer Maria Milosavljevic said strategy is just a few weeks away from being release.

Speaking at the annual NSW government Digital Marketplace event in Sydney, Ms Milosavljevic said the strategy was developed in the wake of a blueprint for whole-of-government cyber security function last year.

“We developed a blueprint last year which lays the foundations for the new function that I now manage and we’ve developed a cyber security strategy from this that will be launched very soon,” she said.

“As part of this we have identified that our broader content is quite complex. It needs to be well coordinated and integrated for us to do our jobs.”

She said the strategy will be underpinned by a work program that “lists many activities to improve the security of the NSW government and their relative priority”.

The NSW Government included $20 million in funding to plug cyber security gaps across the public sector in its 2018 Budget.

That funding followed a damning audit report earlier this year which found a majority of government agencies lacked cyber security practices.

Ms Milosavlijevic said the government-wide cyber security function would help address issues by “uniting cyber security teams” and moving the state to “a system of shared responsibility”.

“We’re working with other jurisdictions to make sure that our national arrangements are all consistent, we’re working closely with the private sector and academia on our hardest challenges and we’re also trying to understand the prospective of victims because they can articulate the issues and allow us to improve how to respond,” she said.