The Northern Territory Government has announced it will set aside $15.6 million for the state’s ICT systems.

Territory Minister for Infrastructure, Peter Styles, said that the Government will inject the funding to fix Territory’s Asset Management System (AMS).

The AMS was purchased by the former Government to replace nine different agency systems to keep track of assets and repairs, as well as to manage contractor payments and project budgets.

The AMS system as originally expected to cost the Territory $20 million.

“We are now expecting a fully operating system to cost $70 million all up,” Mr Styles said. “Not only is that $50 million over budget, but that’s $50 million that now can’t be spent on releasing land, new roads, bridges, schools and hospitals.

Mr Styles said the AMS was delivered more than two years late and failed to be any more useful than the nine separate IT systems it had replaced.