Global ICT giant SAP has announced it will further expand into the Victorian market by establishing its new Mission Control Centre (MCC) in Melbourne, creating up to 120 new high-tech jobs.

SAP’s Melbourne MCC will be staffed by up to 20 senior consultants and project directors who will co-ordinate the delivery of services to customers both in Australia and across the Asia-Pacific region. More than 100 additional jobs will also be created to meet SAP’s growing Victorian customer base.

“The Melbourne Mission Control Centre will co-ordinate large-scale software rollouts and SAP India will provide software research and development,” State Technology Minister Gordon Rich-Phillips said.

The latest audio and video technology based at the Control Centre will be used to ensure SAP’s local teams and their partners in India can work together to deliver a combined software service to customers in the entire Asia-Pacific region.

“Online collaboration across international borders such as this initiative is a key driver of future Victorian and Indian economic growth,” Mr Rich-Phillips said.

Mr Rich-Phillips will also meet with senior executives of SAP Australia and SAP India and will visit the company’s R&D centre in Bangalore to discuss the cutting edge control centre and the ICT industry in Victoria and India.