Telstra's cloud computing service has received the Red Hat Enterprise Linux certification that will allow the company to run the Red Hat cloud computing software application, which is widely regarded as one of the world's premium service providers in the area.


The announcement represents the first time an Australian telecommunications company has been awarded the certification, which will serve a range of enterprise applications compatible with Telstra’s cloud computing services.


Telstra Executive Director, Philip Jones, said the certification is the latest in the company’s continuing investment in cloud computing.


“Telstra has partnered with Red Hat as part of our hosting services program for many years and accreditation as a Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider is a significant development for Telstra cloud computing,” Mr Jones said.


“Offering Red Hat Enterprise Linux in our cloud computing environment offers our customers more choice, more flexibility and the opportunity for them to run more applications out of our cloud. We have worked to optimise the platform for high-performance and a secure service experience to support the broad portfolio of leading-edge enterprise applications and middleware software,” Mr Jones said.


The certification process involves rigorous testing of Telstra’s cloud computing environment to ensure that they meet the Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider program requirements for enterprise cloud deployments.


Telstra cloud computing services leverage the Telstra Next IP® network and Next G® network and include the complete management of cloud services for security, support, fault management and delivery.