The Australian Academy of Science wants input on a national plan to get more women in STEM fields.

A new robot can use bat-like echolocation to navigate its surroundings.

The ACCC has taken action over ‘congestion-free’ made by NBN provider Aussie Broadband.

CSIRO has joined with law and tech firms to create blockchain-based legal contracts.

Tesla took a hit last week after CEO Elon Musk took a hit of marijuana.

Australian researchers are training AI to spot breast cancer.

A major business leader says there is “hard evidence” of unconscious bias at work at some STEM organisations.

The Fair Work Commission has ditched a $3 million software system after using it for just 10 days.

Federal public servants from a range of departments will soon take part in cyber wargames.

Quantum physicists may have found a new answer to the ‘chicken or egg’ paradox.

Researchers have used machine learning to forecast aftershock patterns following large earthquakes.

Australian engineers have created a new imaging device that could function as an alarm for stroke or heart attack.

Facebook says it will source 100 per cent of its electricity from renewable energy by 2020.

New research could significantly improve the accuracy of the global positioning system (GPS) in smartphones.

A new robot could soon patrol the Great Barrier Reef, spotting and attacking crown-of-thorns starfish.

Contentious NAPLAN data was released this week amid argument about its validity.

TPG and Vodaphone are looking to merge.

The Australian designers of the world’s most precise clock have won a prestigious prize.

Healthcare workers have raised new My Health Record privacy concerns.

CSIRO has laid out a plan for Australia to maximise its role in the growing hydrogen industry.

Tesla will remain a public company after Elon Musk announced he has given up plans to take it private.

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