Canberra’s health system is “single-handedly keeping fax machines alive”, the ACT’s health minister says.

The NSW opposition wants to force state government agencies to report data breaches.

Australian researchers have made graphene from eucalyptus trees.

Microsoft has expanded its trainee program in Australia.

A new research group is hoping to tackle communication challenges for northern Australia.

NASA has moved a spacecraft closer to an asteroid than ever before, and managed to snap a photo.

A national review has been launched after complaints about drone noise.

CSIRO has worked with over 20 organisations on a new landmark report projecting Australia’s future to 2060.

The Morrison government says its spies need more powers, but insists it is not considering having them spy on Australians.

NBN scams this year have already cost Australians more than they did for the whole of last year.

Regulators want Afterpay to examine its compliance with anti-money laundering and counterterrorism financing laws.

New research shows the use of Bitcoin causes around 22 megatons in CO2 emissions annually.

Perth City council is setting up facial recognition cameras despite privacy concerns.

A senior Queensland Health bureaucrat appears to have been caught criticising the state’s $1.5 billion digital upgrade.

The Federal Government will soon face a second legal challenge to its controversial welfare debt recovery scheme.

Australian researchers are developing techniques for asteroid mining.

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg says he will pay $US500 million to close coal-fired power plants across the US.

The impacts of a changing climate are often measured via its larger inhabitants: scrawny polar bears, bleached coral, dwindling catch in fishing nets.

The Fair Work Ombudsmen (FWO) has found Uber drivers are not employees.

Google is looking to buy analytics software firm Looker for US$2.6 billion.

Researchers say the internet may be changing our brains.

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