The WA Government is trying to ensure contractors get paid when they work on big projects.

A huge list of personal Medicare claims has been posted online, on purpose.

Combining virtual reality and treadmill training helps prevent falls in older adults, according to a new study.

The next generation of Australian companies is not doing a lot for gender diversity.

It’s been over 24 hours since #CensusFail, and mixed messages are still flying.

Three tiny Australian satellites will soon make their space debut.

The United States Air Force (USAF) says the beleaguered F-35A Lightning II has achieved combat readiness.

Tech giant Apple has permission to sell electricity.

South Australia has banned gambling on computer games.

The world needs to stop dumping its e-waste on developing nations, experts say.

Authorities have moved to minimise the fallout from a serious NDIS computer glitch.

A Melbourne-based medical tech firm wants to improve vital imagery.

NASA has provided a cheap and safe way to explore the surface of Mars.

A new study shows advanced economies are hotbeds for direct-to-consumer marketing of stem cell therapies.

German engineers have unveiled a rolling robot dubbed ‘Wheel 2.0’.

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