Our understanding of the universe was fundamentally changed at a press conference in the US overnight.

An innovative new program has taken ‘Truth or Dare’ to a whole new level.

Australian researchers have unveiled a stunning new device that could change the world for paraplegics.

Over 50 electronics companies operating in Australia have failed to make the grade in a review of forced labour, child labour and exploitation.

It is easy to assume that online shopping is ‘greener’ than physically visiting a store, but that may not be the case.

Researchers in the US have come across what could be a new anode for lithium batteries – pollen.

Local experts are working on ways to embed micro-electronics in contact lenses.

Authorities have given an update on the new Perth Children's Hospital (PCH), which they say is on track to open at the end of this year.

A new breakthrough could make wildly unpredictable global finance markets a little bit easier to judge.

The NSW Government has been accused of wasting millions on a faulty TAFE IT system.

There is a lot of concern about the future of Australian science and technology, with hundreds of jobs cut from the leading government organisation.

Financial services giant Credit Suisse is sacking 4,000 people to counteract serious loses.

Three-quarters of Australian voters realise corruption is not limited to unions.

Regulators in the UK have approved genetic experiments on human embryos – the latest step in better understanding and controlling reproduction.

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