Public Sector Data Governance & Management Forum

November 18th - 22nd 2019

Crowne Plaza Canberra

As the importance of people-centred data increases, all levels of the Australian government are beginning to realise the benefits of institutional collaboration. Through the analysis and observation of data, the public sector can establish services that provide a better quality of living to Australian society.

However, sharing data across departments and levels of government isn't simple. Instead, data remains siloed, preventing government bodies from collaborating, sharing, analysing, and visualising data.

Understand how your organisation can adapt to the changing digital climate by embracing a healthier organisational culture. You'll learn how to foster cross-institutional trust, leverage your organisation's ability to provide services through the sharing of data, understand the policies and procedures that govern data, and embrace the digital revolution by implementing new technologies.


  • Developing effective service delivery through collaboration and sharing of data
  • Establishing a cross-institutional culture and foster trust
  • Constituting and understanding efficient government legislation, standards, and frameworks
  • Navigating the digital revolution and embracing new technologies to retain the integrity and usability of data

Featured Speakers include:

  • Angus Bristow, Director, Data & Statistical Analysis - Department of Premier and Cabinet NSW
  • James Bibby, Data Strategy Program Manager, Environment, Energy & Science - Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
  • Xiaoyan Lu, Senior Director, Data & Analytics - Australian National Audit Office
  • Irina Bastrakova, Director, Spatial Data Architecture - Geoscience Australia

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