First listed on: 16 April 2018

Group Leader - Data and Information Fusion

Executive Level 2 (S&T Level 7)
$138,293 - $155,630 (plus super)
Edinburgh, SA

Position Overview:

The Group Leader Data and Information Fusion reports to the Research Leader Information Integration, and under broad guidelines is responsible for the provision of effective leadership of a group of scientists, engineers and technicians who define the Data and Information Fusion Science & Technology Capability (STC).  They will have a national or international reputation in a specific field of S&T, and considerable experience, awareness and knowledge across a range of S&T applied to Defence.

The Group Leader will forecast future Defence problems, initiate research and generate new knowledge to produce enhanced Defence capability. They will be able to select the best scientific method to achieve Defence outcomes, and to review the S&T quality of reports and publications prepared by staff in the STC. The Group Leader is accountable for the development and sustainment of the quality of the S&T work of the Data and Information Fusion STC to the level agreed with the Research Leader Information Integration.

The Group Leader will lead a complex area of S&T by providing the vision, guidance, direction and collaboration necessary to ensure that the capability can be most effectively harnessed to deliver agreed outputs to Defence.  They will provide effective supervision of the senior staff in the Data and Information Fusion STC, and create a motivating and collaborative culture within the group to ensure that all the staff can make effective contributions to the output of the STC.  More generally, the Group Leader will be responsible for the development of people in the Data and Information Fusion STC.

The Group Leader will be able to understand client priorities and associated requirements, and transpose these into a well-planned set of S&T activities.  In collaboration with other STC and MSTC leaders, they will ensure that the Data and Information Fusion STC’s resources are applied to agreed priority activities and will demonstrate flexibility to adjust the work plan as circumstances change. The Group Leader will manage the Data and Information Fusion STC’s resources to achieve task milestones, and will report work outcomes to appropriate client representatives on a regular basis.

Under broad guidelines from the Research Leader Information Integration, the Group Leader will facilitate the creation of cross-STC/MSTC and cross-Divisional teams, and will develop and maintain appropriate external linkages to industry, universities and overseas organisations.

Duties and Key Result Areas:

  1. Provision of overall leadership and management of the Data and Information Fusion STC that is consistent with DST Group strategic planning and ensures effective delivery of scientific and technology outcomes to the Department of Defence.
  2. Make a substantial personal contribution to the achievement of the Data and Information Fusion STC research outcomes.
  3. Provide effective leadership, management and development of staff within the Data and Information Fusion STC which assists staff to deliver high impact solutions.
  4. Development and promotion of a strong culture of scientific excellence including learning and development, matched with the setting of appropriate standards for the quality of the work.
  5. Provide leadership for all infrastructure which underpins the Data and Information Fusion STC, including its sustainment and development to meet current and future Defence needs.
  6. Develop and maintain specific internal cross group and external collaborative relationships that are of benefit to the Data and Information Fusion STC (international, industry or academic).
  7. Undertake one or more other significant duties as agreed by the Research Leader Information Integration (e.g. lead one or more DST Group tasks, assist with leading a technical benchmarking program or undertake the role of Project S&T Adviser).

Application Closing Date: Monday 30 April 2018

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