First listed on: 09 December 2019

Professional Systems and Software Engineers


Serenidad Consulting Pty Ltd (Australia) is a Tier One management consultancy and professional business services organisation supporting Federal, State and Territory Governments and the private sector, and a member of Australia's largest preferred-supplier panel, Defence Support Services (i.e. DSS).

Globally, Serenidad Consulting® provides a range of professional services across three core business streams - (i) management consultancy, specialist and business services; (ii) education and training; and (iii) peace negotiation.

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We have an immediate requirement for expert and senior Software Developers and System Administrators to join our team and help contribute to outstanding client outcomes. Multiple opportunities exist and ideal candidates will satisfy the following core attributes:

* a current NV1 security clearance and able to pass a rigorous Psychological Assessment.

* be available for a 12 month term commencing February 2020. 

* a focus on continual improvement, team collaboration, stakeholder relationship building, and delivering sound documentation.

* understanding of and experience in an Agile environment.

* Advanced-level Software Developers – experience in testing and deployment; development/refinement of COTS and GOTS software; documenting technical processes; solid background with Python (pref.), Django, JavaScript plus SQL; high quality analysis and UE skills.

* Expert and Advanced-level System Administrators – experience designing, installing, configuring and maintaining Linux or MS-based systems (e.g. Debian, RHEL, Centos, RedHat, Win10), with host-based security (SELinux, IPTables), with virtualisation technologies (VMware, VSphere, KVM); experience with VLAN configuration, basic routing protocols and VPN; experience and skill with OpenStack, OpenShift, Docker, Puppet, Ansible, Powershell, SIEM software, DevOps, Server Maintenance and/or Image Building.

For more information or a copy of the specific role application criteria, please contact us on (07) 55148077 or by email:

business underscore support at serenidadconsulting dot com

If sending an initial enquiry email please include a cover letter explaining the role(s) of interest; details of 2 work referees; details of your current clearance; and a CV including full work history, qualifications and training, and professional memberships. Further information will then be provided.



Serenidad Consulting® remains focused on building long-term associations with experienced and qualified professionals who are committed to supporting our humanity-focused global efforts and achieving mutually-beneficial outcomes. Our team of consultants in Australia choose term-based assignments that meet their professional needs and also have opportunities to grow their capabilities over time. You will receive appropriate remuneration for your skills, knowledge and experience and be treated as a valued team member, not just a number.

Our successful consultants display the following general attributes:

  • are in sync with our strategic intent and Quality Policy;
  • are always client-focused, with successful and positive relationship, representational and stakeholder management skills;
  • are always focused on achieving quality outputs, can self-QA and have a solid track record achieving required outcomes;
  • enjoy value-adding to Serenidad Consulting's and our clients' outcomes;
  • give their best all the time, are honest, self-motivating and take responsibility for actions;
  • are calm, pleasant and non-reactive in their day-to-day approach;
  • have the ability to adapt to and maintain performance levels in high pressure environments and under tight schedules.


Important Note: The Advertiser, Serenidad Consulting Pty Ltd is not an employment agency and does not represent job-seekers. Australian Citizenship is required.

We have ongoing requirements in a range of other professional areas - please refer to for more information.


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