The ACCC is still working on Australia’s new Consumer Data Right Rules.

In its most recent move, the regulator has made amendments to permit accredited intermediaries to collect data on behalf of third party data recipients, with consumer consent.

These amended rules mean accredited businesses can now ask other accredited businesses to obtain consumer data on their behalf, and are intended to facilitate greater participation in the Consumer Data Right by fintech firms.

The changed rules will, for example, allow an accredited business to use outsourced IT infrastructure and software of an accredited intermediary to connect to data holders’ APIs, rather than have to build their own.

“This is the first in a series of measures to reduce the time and cost to enter and operate in the Consumer Data Right ecosystem,” ACCC Commissioner Sarah Court said.

“The rule changes also make it easier for businesses who currently rely on outsourced services to join the Consumer Data Right, and reflect our ongoing goal of facilitating a wide range of business arrangements within the Consumer Data Right.

“All businesses being accredited by the ACCC go through a rigorous process to ensure they meet appropriate security requirements. These amendments do not change those rigorous controls.

“We are pleased by the interest already shown from businesses who want to join the Consumer Data Right.

“We look forward to more and more businesses joining the Consumer Data Right ecosystem, and delivering increased competition and innovation for consumers and the wider Australian economy,” Ms Court said.

The ACCC has also announced a new consultation period for the proposed new consumer data rules