A leaked internal report by NBN Co says the Liberal government’s plan will make less money and cost more, reports say.

Most parents are keen to find new tools that might allow their kids to succeed, but a new study says for parents of children with ADHD – some money can be better spent.

The verdict is down to state governments to decide whether more GST should be collected from online purchases, and minds should be made up by March.

A new system developed by University of Adelaide engineers can model and predict temperatures within a building, promising significant reductions in commercial energy use.

Microsoft has launched its latest video-gaming console, the X-Box One, and managed to sell over one million units in the first 24 hours.

A new device will take online food fetishism to new heights, enabling users to taste the internet.

Researchers have come up with an astounding new technique; using X-ray lasers to determine the molecular structure of proteins – without any prior knowledge of what they look like.

A new research paper discusses ways to assess the most and least useful features of a given product, hoping to help programmers trim the fat and respond to demand in new releases.

South Australian independent Senator Nick Xenophon has taken the Australian Federal Police to task over their practice of monitoring MPs phone activity.

Engineers in the US have developed a healthy method to make nanoscale gold rods in large quantities, with complete control over the rods' dimensions and optical properties.

Jean-Claude Van Damme has made a bold show in the name of safety, stretching his body to the limit to advertise electronically-assisted steering.

NASA has sent its most recent robotic explorer into space, launching the Maven spacecraft towards Mars

Australia leads its part of the world in the new age of advertising, taking on digital marketing techniques faster than any of its neighbours.

European schoolkids may soon be aiming for a C, with plans to include coding and programming to the homework routine.

Sometimes controversial economist Professor John Quiggin says a number should be put on the value of the internet.

A court ruling has allowed Google to continue digitising books and soon offer-up millions of scanned texts for online viewing.

Some of Australia’s strongest advocates of a free and open internet have slammed the Government for moves to sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which they call a “looming disaster for Australian citizens.”

Media billionaire Kerry Stokes says it is unfair that companies like Google are a source of competition in Australia, while not having to pay taxes to take part.

A new project gives any student or teacher with an internet connection remote access to real a physics lab, and all the scientific discoveries they hold.

Zoologists have discovered the incredible complexity of messages left by hyenas in the form of smelly post-it notes.

The Department of Communications will host a talk on the office of the future, encouraging everyone to look to ‘teleworking’ for a better way to do their jobs.

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