Greens Senator Scott Ludlam has accused NBN Co. of little more than “brazen guesswork” in its estimates of key financial data for the re-booted network.

A new weapon has been added to the citizen scientist’s arsenal, with the launch of a tool that allows anyone to find black holes in deep space from the comfort of an armchair.

A new device under development in Victoria will enable surgeons to fix broken bones by drawing on them.

Windscreen wipers are alright, but in the future we may be annihilating the rain with a force field of high-intensity sound.

One day a selfie might save your life.

Three students have taken first place in a computer competition which required teams to write code for 24 hours straight.

A video game controller that allows people with limited use of their hands to play the latest games has won a design award in South Australia.

The tricky wording of one internet company’s advertisements has come back to bite them, and will take a bigger chunk than originally thought.

All councils will be looking to save a few dollars at the moment, and the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) has urged its members to think of technological ways to tighten the belt.

An astral drive-by has provided new footage of something we all take for granted – the orbit of the moon around Earth.

One university is taking a high-tech and democratic approach to biosecurity research, with the launch of a smartphone app to let citizen-scientists help stamp out tree disease.

Engineers in the United States have taken a pre-World War II computer technology, made it so small it can no longer be seen, and put it in a box.

A lively new polymer is being developed that can change its shaped based on internal programming.

A rural Queensland council has become the latest to embrace a digital approach to local governance, launching an app that allows people to lodge queries and complaints with incredible speed.

One billionaire has made a strikingly optimistic investment, banking on an invention which does not yet exist.

The Australian Medical Association says it is okay for clinics to turn down people who complain about their services on social media.

Growing numbers of Australians require medical assistance to peel their eyes off the screen, with experts saying something must be done to combat the rampant new addiction.

A new initiative will help Papua New Guinea residents stay a little bit more connected, with a telecom company rolling out solar-powered phone charging stations around the island community

A push is on to make sure many Tasmanian residents do not miss out on National Broadband Network connections they had been promised.

Everybody knows someone with the memory of a goldfish or the grace of a boar, but it is important to note that we are animals too – and for the most part not that much smarter than our biological neighbours.

Some people are capable of incredible feats of perseverance and motivations, while others give up as soon as the going looks tough – but what if a switch in the brain could be flipped, causing an individual to anticipate a challenge and possess a strong motivation to overcome it.

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