A recent comment from Tony Abbott was never going to fly past Australia’s army of internet-enthusiasts. Mr Abbott has credited Liberal frontbencher Malcolm Turnbull with inventing the internet, which of course, he did not.

The public face of one of the country’s most secretive groups says “rogue insiders” could pose a risk to Australian internet security.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission have unveiled a list of websites it has blocked for supposedly supplying fraudulent financial information, under a controversial section of the Telecommunications Act.

NBN Co. has started a mailbox campaign warning of the risks of not getting on board with the new optical network.

With Senator Stephen Conroy joining the raft of Ministers following Julia Gillard out of federal politics, Australia now has a new Communications Minister. Several others have been welcomed back into the fold after the March spill as well.

The German Press have accused the United States of alarming levels of cyber-spying on European offices and computer networks, as more information about the scale of the US internet spying network comes to light.

Telstra may have its monopoly fees for remote services interrupted, with the ACCC about to begin an inquiry into the company’s internet prices.

China has spoken out against the United State’s cyber-spying policies, after revelations of hacking from both ends.

The Australian arm of British technology media outlet The Register has posted an entry on crowdsourcing site Pozible inviting Australians to help fund a detailed implementation study into the NBN.

Facebook admins are doing damage control after a bug lead to the leak of some 6 million users’ phone numbers and email addresses.

There’s been plenty of back-and-forth lately over the state of Australia’s copper telecommunications infrastructure, now Union representatives say Telstra’s network is in utter disrepair.

Reports say Telstra could have a serious problem in the wings, with several workers saying they were repeatedly exposed to unsafe asbestos levels and practices.

The former-CIA worker Edward Snowden has taken a leaf from Julian Assange’s book, seeking asylum in Ecuador from a US government accusation of espionage.

Students and teachers are frantically archiving the work they put on the “Ultranet” before it possibly disappears for good at the end of the month.

Asia and New Zealand will benefit as IBM slashes 1,500 jobs from Australia as part of a global restructuring plan announced earlier this year.

The Australian Government has received such a huge amount of data harvested by the US National Security Agency they’ve had to build a large new complex just to store it all, according to reports.

Google has launched a new plan to bring internet services to areas not previously accessible, through the novel use of hot air balloons.

Opponents to Telstra’s proposed NBN handling policy are lining up, with NBN Co itself now saying Telstra should think again.

A Victorian Government funding boost should lead to some innovative new technologies, with 8 groups set to get a payout of  up to $50 000.

The Federal Government has officially launched two new reviews that will be aimed towards supporting ‘Australia’s burgeoning capabilities in cutting edge digital innovation’.

The Federal Government has launched a new education initiative aimed at helping students in years 5 to 10 pursue a career in the information and communications (ICT) sector.

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