A recent poll has shown many senior executives do not see the benefits of optical internet infrastructure.

The chief executive of Telstra’s Chinese operations has quit after less than two years at the post, citing personal reasons.

A Council de-merger manager has claimed a $4 million saving with some good choices in IT contracts.

A scientist, engineer and data analyst says more major companies are looking to data-driven solutions to HR problems.

Researchers have taken a profound step forward in human-computer interactions, with one scientist successfully controlling the hand of another via brain interfaces and the internet.

A new tablet-based app has entered its beta-phase, designed specifically for spotting safety issues and workplace hazards in mining environments.

A new app has been launched to help keep workers safe in the ACT.

A business group formed by a major mobile phone maker is using next-level mapping techniques to improve planning, road designs and driver safety in the future.

Apple has made another attempt to redeem the resounding failure of its maps app, acquiring another map-centric company to try to catch up on Google’s cartographic lead.

By the end of next year the New South Wales Fire and Rescue Service will have its entire fleet of 560 vehicles fitted-out with GPS tracking tools to ensure the fastest response to an emergency.

A new study has shown that blocking access to torrent sites has little to no effect on users, with new avenues for piracy popping up faster than they can be closed.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has announced he will leave the company some time in the next twelve months, the man who oversaw many recent launches says his greatest regret was Windows Vista.

A man has fallen not for the oldest trick in the book - but possibly the most obvious – arrested after responding to a fake ad looking for uranium.

A handful of top-tier public servants have been sacked in what is likely only the first round of heads to roll over the Queensland Health payroll fiasco.

There are now dozens of home 3D printers that anyone can purchase and use, but building things at home is set to become even easier with the announcement that the next version of Windows will support the additive manufacturing revolution.

Craig Neil has sold the company he spent nearly 24 years building, offloading NSC to Telstra for a reported $100 million.

Australia’s competition regulator has withheld its decision on whether to accept the long-term pricing plan put forward by NBN Co.

Reports say NBN Co has been hit by a multi-billion dollar blowout from mounting construction costs and contractors’ demands.

Mobile phones, computers, video game consoles and other such devices are crammed with an unbelievable amount of microscopic transistors to allow them to process information, but still none have come close to the complexity or computing scale of the human brain.

North Korea has unveiled what it calls its first domestically-made smartphone, but the new Android device may be less than it seems.

A new device has allowed the wireless transmission of data between two devices with no power supplies or batteries.

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