A new treatment method is being investigated which could alert people to their binge-eating ways.

Citizens of China will be able to leap into the console revolution they had been missing, with the China State Council lifting a ban on video game units.

Year seven students in New South Wales are helping fulfil one of the Coalition’s visions for the country, using a technology they may not support.

Another technology is being tried as a potential replacement for silicon in computer processors, with scientists creating a CPU made from carbon nanotubes.

In extremely small scale technologies for some of the world’s most mind-boggling devices, there are factors at play that can ruin a project from a microscopic scale.

Computer scientists at Princeton University have created a computer algorithm which simulates paint brush strokes in considerable detail.

Everybody wants their own particle accelerator, but colliding hadrons in the comfort of the living room has been impossible for most – until now.

Improved health, a more active mind and free energy – it is hard to imagine a better combination of benefits from a single device.

Clandestine negotiations have been going on between Telstra and News Corporation to launch a Foxtel-branded broadband service, but reports say the talks have now hit a snag.

Engineering students from schools around the country will be putting their custom-built robotic companions into battle for the 2013 National Instruments Autonomous Robotics Competition.

New research has digitally remastered our view of the brain, leading to a clearer picture which could help define better methods for brain-computer interfacing.

Several companies in the telecoms industry are taking the uncertainty over the future of the National Broadband Network as an opportunity to drum up some profits.

An audit has found Victoria’s three largest government agencies cannot be confident they are managing their spending on telecommunications.

The average brain contains about 100 billion neurons, each with one to ten thousand synapses each. A technique has been tested which allows scientists to view the electrical activity of just one synapse at a time amid a torrent of trillions.

Current materials are being pushed to their physical limits in the quest for higher-density switches for computer storage and memory, leading to expanded research into “resistive switching” as the next standard form.

South Australia’s Attorney-General does not believe video game restrictions are being applied strongly enough, and that delicate minds are being exposed to violent and sexual content.

A group of LinkedIn users are suing the service for allegedly hacking emails to find contacts to spam with unwarranted emails.

New research has found students with dyslexia may find it easier to read on an e-reader than traditional paper.

Anyone doubting the legitimacy of video games as an industry or medium has almost nothing left to stand by, with the release of the newest Grand Theft Auto game raking in over a billion dollars in its first three days.

The group that builds virtually everything used in modern combat is looking to pick up some technology companies in Australia, after buying a UK firm.

Malcolm Turnbull has faced waves of criticism before he has even been able to sit at his new desk.

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