Engineers at DARPA – the US military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – have created a device that is as scary as it is astounding; a bullet than can change direction mid-air.

There are calls to ban a new device that alerts drivers to nearby police cars.

The National Broadband Network (NBN Co) and the Federal Government have signed deals with telcos Telstra and Optus to deliver the Coalition's version of high-speed broadband.

Unvalidated and often utterly baseless health information spurted on online forums is putting people at risk, a new study says.

The world’s most popular file-sharing site – The Pirate Bay – went down in recent days, before re-emerging (as it does) in a slightly different form.

A Canberra company is bringing in a new technology that will allow households to buy and sell electricity on the market, potentially cutting the middle man and turning the industry on its head.

New research shows many who claim they are “good” at maths actually aren’t, demonstrating once again the incredible power of self-delusion.

Everyone needs some time to unwind, but very few would fill their holiday hours with complex Excel-based challenges.

NASA’s newest space ship has made a 12,000 kilometre round trip to see if it could survive a 32,000km/h dive into the atmosphere.

Chemical engineers have developed a form of “artificial evolution”, which could be a big step towards the goal of man-made life forms.

Researchers say time and energy are being wasted almost every second of every day, due entirely to the letter ‘S’.

Electric car-maker Tesla has joined with electric everything-maker Panasonic to drive down the cost of batteries for anything from small devices to solar power stations.

A former Supreme Court judge has been named as Australia’s new national security monitor, tasked with reviewing a range of contentious policies.

Local researchers say they have broken the record for converting sunlight into electricity.

A new study says that not only is corruption not inhibited in many big businesses, it is actually a central strategy.

Research has shown that DNA can survive a flight through space and back into Earth's atmosphere, while keeping its genetic information intact.

Australian engineers are changing the world - one uncomfortable breast at a time.

The Commonwealth Bank has put $5 million into an effort to build a computer that could changes the world.

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