A conference in Canberra has seen some of the chiefs of the online education revolution spruik their achievements to local universities.

A pilot program is using technology to bridge education barriers worldwide, by conducting courses through avatars in an entirely virtual world.

The light-sensitive cells in the eye of a chicken represent the first known biological occurrence of a potentially new state of matter.

Breakthroughs have brought the possibility of functional ‘Mottronic’ devices a bit closer.

A researcher from the University of South Australia says there are a few changes which would greatly improve mental health services in Australia, particularly to rural areas.

A new round of Trans-Pacific Partnership talks have begun in Singapore, where trade ministers from twelve nations carve out the final parts of the far-reaching deal.

Students at Glasgow University in Scotland have picked an international fugitive as their representative, electing Edward Snowden as college rector.

An inventor has slashed the price of Braille printers by thousands of dollars, but even more incredibly – he’s only 12 years old.

The Federal Government says it will not pull workers out of Tasmania, abandoning a plan to relocate staff away from the ailing economy.

Tasmanian Liberals want public sector workers to keep their opinions to themselves in the run-up to the state election.

Engineers have created a tiny battery and sensor, no bigger than a grain of rice, which holds enough power to track the long migratory path of salmon.

Researchers worldwide are working on materials to better integrate humans with their technology, and a new development in the field of optics may provide a way to link it all together.

Researchers have made progress on a major hurdle for next-level genetic treatments.

Google has dropped over a billion dollars into a range of renewable energy projects, possibly so that it can trim the power bills from its other big buys.

What seemed like an innocuous error has become a scandal in the healthcare bureaucracy after a potential conflict of interest in the Health Department.

There has been widespread alarm and outrage since NBN Co announced it would wind back fibre-optic installations at some sites where the copper network seems fine.

Research has shown how our brain combines internal and external information to create a complete view of the world.

A smartphone app is helping the blind stay mobile with public transport, giving up-to-the-minute location and stop information that is often lacking.

An NZ-based company is drumming up funds to make every ten-year-old’s dream come true; developing the world’s first practical, commercial jetpack.

Biomedical engineers in the United States have announced an advance in the field of tissue manufacture – bringing the likelihood of 3D-printed replacement organs even closer.

Researchers are looking to nature for design advice, looking to pinch the secrets of their astounding neck joints.

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