Authorities are having another crack at the failed plan to introduce GPS tracking to Melbourne buses.

An Internet entrepreneur and figure representing the new age of online activism has launched a political party.

Microsoft has made a move many were waiting for, freeing Office from the Windows environment and making it available on iPads.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has issued a warning, but no monetary punishment after it found Optus had overcharged mobile customers around $9 million.

Telstra is shooting for $6 billion worth of contracts on Australia’s National Broadband Network, launching a pilot program to test its intended hardware.

The United States military is working on a project to gather solar electricity from space and beam it wirelessly back to Earth.

An ancient and beautiful language has been brought into the digital age, with the release of a Sanskrit e-book.

Researchers have extracted images of people’s faces from human memory, using brain scans.

Some of the biggest names in transport planning say current computer models are inadequate and obsolete.

Scientists have been pinching designs from nature for some time, but have now brought living and synthetic materials together in an exciting new way.

Some wealthy backers have thrown their names and significant funds behind a secretive artificial-intelligence company, though none will say just why.

Berlin has led an international charge to expand the domains of the internet, announcing its own custom online suffix.

A court case in the US has revealed that Microsoft exercises the right to access any content on its email, chat areas, forums, and other communication facilities.

Some of the world’s leading online companies and communities have spoken out about efforts to “fast track” the Trans-Pacific Partnership, saying governments should ease up in their push to create a corporate-friendly, freedom-restricting future.

A postgrad student has deciphered a letter dating back 1,800 years, written by an Egyptian soldier serving in a Roman legion in Europe.

Despite many universities and school condemning the use of Wikipedia as a legitimate source, a new study says thousands of research papers happily cite the open source encyclopaedia.

NASA has released a high resolution recreation of the Moon’s north polar region, allowing intrepid internet users to explore the lunar surface form the comfort of their computer chairs.

One of the largest stores on the internet is preparing for its stock market debut.

A new discussion paper says technology has solutions to the major cost of living for many.

New developments could see the end of giant coal, gas or nuclear turbines, and the rise of electricity gathered by simple movement and friction.

The Federal Communications minister says Telstra may be the next company allowed take a bigger share of foreign investment.

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