Australian engineers are stealing some natural techniques to improve robotic flight.

The divining rod has been replaced by a digital equivalent, with the launch of an internet database for groundwater monitoring.

Disney’s research arm has helped build a 3D-printer specifically for soft and cuddly creations.

Australia's first female hackathon has been run across two major cities.

Australian engineers have come up with a new way of making lenses, which could turn any smart phone into a microscope.

A company in Europe is moving closer to its goal of creating a solar-powered plane that can fly indefinitely.

One Australian University will launch its first ever Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) today, and already has over 20,000 people waiting for the first lesson.

Australian scientists have come up with a cheap and easy way to create colourful 3D scans using simple equipment.

Australia will buy dozens of fighter jets at a cost of more than $12 billion, despite a raft of concerns about their design and abilities.

Analysts have ranked Australia poorly in terms of internet access, affordability and investment.

Two cutting-edge atomic structures have been combined to create incredibly high-powered energy storage.

The New South Wales State Water department has embarked on an overhaul of its IT systems, bringing cohesion to improve services for its 6300 licensed water users.

It is all but inevitable that humans will create an Artificial Intelligence capable of outdoing to the human brain, and Stephen Hawking says we should be better prepared.

Australian astronomers will have access to one of the most advanced devices in the world for investigating the origin of stars, with the launch of a $13 million tool.

One of the main organisers of a recent major film festival says movie companies need to embrace internet distribution and stop lashing out at digital ‘pirates’.

A hotly-anticipated tech company’s float on the stock market has missed expectations.

Australian public broadcaster the ABC has been given permission to broadcast its Australia Network content to the entire Chinese population.

One of Australia’s chief public servants says departments should be able to make and enforce their own social media policies, insisting that the service is not being gagged.

Giant tech companies are normally known for their progressive and innovative approaches to work, but new figures show the 21st century companies uphold some fairly 19th century gender divisions. 

A lab in the US has fired its new 12 gigaelecton-volt laser.

Planners in Sydney have taken a high-tech approach to getting kids off the internet and back outside.

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