A piece of equipment from one of mankind’s most astounding technological achievements has been sold at auction.

Tap-and-go credit cards are convenient for consumers, but Victorian police say they are also convenient for thieves.

Senator Scott Ludlam has grilled Attorney-General George Brandis on the Federal Government’s plans for internet piracy legislation, and found renewed suggestions that a ‘three strike’ policy may be on the way.

European scientists claim to have teleported quantum information across a three metre space.

There is plenty of gear to keep workers safe around heavy machinery on a construction site, but a new device aims to reduce risks by running equipment from a remote distance.

Just like our bodies, individual cells have a skeletal structure to keep them safe and in the proper shape, but until recently it was almost impossible to have a proper look at it.

Telstra has begun winding-down services on its copper network, freeing-up the decades-old telecoms infrastructure for sale to NBN Co.

Environmental group Friends of The Earth is pushing for a ban on food products containing nanomaterials.

Authorities are pushing for a high-tech edge in the fight to find missing children.

The house of the future may have just one kind of furniture.

Industry analysts say Australia’s lack of engineers has been reversed, and there is now an oversupply in many sectors.

Holograms are not here yet, but we may soon be about half way to true 3D projection.

A Japanese astronaut has bid farewell to his small robot companion, after the two spent six months together orbiting the Earth.

Researchers are working on an exciting new method to monitor the brain in real-time 3D.

The Communications Minister has been caught contradicting his own department’s figures in his attempt to spruik the Coalition’s NBN model.

A research assistant may have hit on a faster, cheaper way to test for HIV.

A man police allege to be one of the most powerful cyber-criminals in the world will face court in New South Wales.

A high-tech road show is making its way across the Northern Territory, bringing futuristic methods to ancient practices.

The Australian Government has appealed to the United States for help in gathering all the personal communications of Australians that it can.

After five years of development and three months running on 8000 processors – an advanced model of our universe and its evolution has been rendered.

As robots begin to have an increasing presence in our lives, it is likely that they will greatly annoy some people, luckily, researchers are planning for this.

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