The Civil Aviation Safety Authority is looking at legal action against a drone operator who allegedly hit a triathlon runner with an unmanned aircraft in Western Australia.

Optogenetics - using light to turn neurons on and off - is one of the most intriguing and rapidly-expanding fields of medicine, and recent efforts may have brought the treatment to a new level.

A faulty USB is being blamed for a NSW woman’s death, and has prompted calls to check that even low-power adapters are properly certified.

Entrants in the 2014 Solar Decathlon Europe have shown what the energy-conscious house of the future may include.

Facebook is being criticised for a mass emotional manipulation experiment conducted on unwitting users.

A new project could make ‘selfies’ the diagnostic tool of the future.

A paralysed man has been able to move his hand for the first time in years, using the power of his mind and some cutting-edge technology.

A giant robotic “ladybird” has been awarded for its contribution to the future of farming.

Australian and Chinese researchers will come together at new sites dedicated to advanced 3D-printing.

A pair of high-tech gloves could help people learn how to read and write Braille, and they won’t have to pay too much attention.

Researchers have unveiled an experimental 36-core processor with a number of intriguing design points.

Documents to clear conflict of interest claims against a junk food lobbyist in the Health Department “do not exist”.

It appears that the US Army may soon wield a handheld X-Ray gun, lifting yet another idea from the pages of science fiction.

The Federal Government will bring a bill to parliament in coming weeks which seeks to give ASIO more abilities to monitor and control digital communication.

A confidential Trade in Services Agreement document has been published by WikiLeaks, showing that Australia, the United States, the European Union and 20 other large and small countries have been discussing unprecedented mutual access to each other’s financial service sectors.

A new report says the Australian Public Service must promote innovation and creative minds within its ranks.

Hundreds of hackers will soon sink their digital teeth into piles of Australian Government data for the benefit of the nation.

A friendly pile of junk will be making its way across Canada in an experiment to see if robots can trust humans.

A new smart-phone app designed by Australian researchers could save lives soon.

Electric car manufacturer Tesla will throw open its design book for the world to see, giving out its technology patents for green-thinking engineers to improve upon.

Scientists have reported some success in efforts to grow an eyeball in a laboratory dish.

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