A fascinating research project has seen two people send emails directly to each others’ minds.

YouTube can do many things, but a new study says saving lives is probably not one of them.

Emoticons just don’t cut it - a new study says children’s social skills are being reduced by their excessive use of digital screens and media.

Two stories this week suggest federal public servants may want brush up on their tech skills.

A cost-benefit analysis of National Broadband Network (NBN) plans has shown the Coalition model could deliver nine times the benefits Labor’s would have.

The robots are coming – and they want our rainforests.

The sudden explosion of a multi-million dollar engineering project has been dubbed “an anomaly”.

Australian students have made a technological breakthrough that may herald a new age of robotics and automation in our daily lives.

Authorities say safety will not be compromised now that airline passengers can keep their devices switched on during take-off and landing.

The Australian Federal Government’s skittishness about renewable energy systems has forced one solar power giant to look elsewhere.

As major car-makers Toyota, Hyundai and Honda prepare to release vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells, a new device could help the spread of advanced transport.

As the modern world becomes more and more populated with graphics, images and videos, some researchers wonder how our brains can continue to cope.

The Bureau of Meteorology's mobile website has been recognised for its useful and simple design at this year's Australian Mobile and App Design Awards.

Reports of tough times for News Corp have been clamped-down upon by the company, while it loses millions on newspapers.

An Australian has been granted asylum in a foreign country after years on the run.

Federal authorities are moving to change laws in a way that would allow illegally obtained evidence to be used in court.

Stretchy bands of graphene could be used to make a new generation of implanted sensors.

Harvard engineers have demonstrated how 1,000 robots can swarm together in harmony.

Engineers have created a material that  can read its environment and change colour to blend in.

Internet activists have fought back against an online gender imbalance.

It has been a big weekend for electronic espionage and diplomatic hacktivism, with world leaders bugged, mocked, cracked and embarrassed as a result.

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