Spanish architects have unveiled plans for floating farm factories to feed the world when the ocean takes over the land.

Hundreds of international scientists and engineers have visited a big dish in the desert of WA.

Scientists have learned a little bit more about the physical process of remembering.

New investigations have shown just how much money Australia’s biggest companies are avoiding paying in tax.

Man and machine may work together to improve the educational outcomes of both, if a new project takes off.

 Public servants say tough conditions are leading to mistakes in the official Parliamentary record.

Experts have analysed just how much freedom Australian citizens have given up to fight the abstract enemy of terrorism.

Engineers in the US have invented a battery powered by molten metals which could be excellent for grid-level power storage.

Electrical engineers have developed a nanoscale device that can weigh a single photon and mechanically transport it for the first time.

Transport for NSW has approved the test of equipment that uses a network of radars to give truck drivers a better view on safety.

A Japanese building firm says it wants to smash the tallest building record with one of the most ambitious projects in history.

Australia will seek to claw back billions of dollars that big mining, building and technology companies funnel out of the country to avoid tax.

A new study has shown how much a mobile phone can learn about its user’s lifestyle and mental health.

A Sydney student has pleaded guilty after the leak of records on the controversial scholarship given to Prime Minister Tony Abbott's daughter Frances.

Some Queensland councils are trialling a system that will see their websites turned into portals for all local services.

Seven thousand public service call centre jobs are at risk, unions say, with word that Telstra will answer the phones for Centrelink and Medicare.

A spot has been picked on a comet 440 million kilometres away, where a robot should land in coming months.

MIT’s robotic cheetah has had a software upgrade, and can now bound about in untethered freedom.

One of the toughest engineering quests is to create a transparent solar panel, and a team in the US has taken the biggest step so far.

A study has found the protocols for high-tech medicine are becoming accepted worldwide, an important step for the future of many treatments.

Japan has approved the restart of some of its nuclear reactors, in a move that could pave the way for the nation’s nuclear systems to fire once more.

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