Yamaha’s new motorcycle-riding robot has called out nine-time world champion Valentino Rossi.

Federal public service leaders have ordered a crackdown on physical inboxes as part of a push toward entirely digital offices.

British engineers have unveiled the world’s first sonic tractor beam – a device that can lift and move objects using sound waves.

Neuro-engineers have successfully enabled an almost entirely paralysed person to control a tablet PC with her brain.

A decision by the Canadian government could mean Australia’s 70 F-35A jets cost $100 million more.

Researchers are using virtual-reality gear to find out where addiction comes from.

A series of national surveys on women in Information Communication Technology (ICT) have provided insight into the sector’s gender gap.

A Queensland team has become the first Australian squad to cross the line and complete the gruelling 3,000 km Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

A $100 million push for new anti-terrorism facilities has been launched at a summit of police unions in Adelaide.

Engineers in the US have created a prosthetic ‘skin’ with embedded circuitry that can send messages directly to the brain.

Western Australia is in the grips of the rise of robo-trucks.

The world's premier solar car race is rolling out of the Northern Territory, leaving from Darwin onon a 3,000km run to Adelaide.

Ride-sharing firm Uber is partnering with military veterans to give returned soldiers a solid job.

National Australia Bank and Commonwealth Bank of Australia are joining a group of 20 global banks in a trial of “distributed ledger” technologies, which use the same “blockchain” approach that underpins bitcoin transactions.

NBN Co will spend money installing new copper phone lines to make sure its multi-technology mix actually works.

Computer giant Dell is looking to buy data storage company EMC Corp for a mind-bending $US67 billion.

Volkswagen has recalled around 90,000 Australian vehicles, amid a scandal over its use of dodgy software to cheat emissions tests.

NASA is crowdsourcing the next step of its mission to Mars.

Our feature series returns this week with the exciting tale of 5 ways that epigenetic changes can modify aspects of DNA.

A court has heard taxi drivers ordered an Uber car so that they could bash the driver for “taking away” their business.

The Data Retention Act comes into effect tomorrow, but many say there are still big security issues and costs have not been addressed.

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