The almost accidental discovery of a metal dubbed ‘stainless magnesium’ could one day make cars and trucks lighter and more efficient.

A new high-tech virtual classroom will soon help Australia's universities create “greener” engineers of the future.

The Federal Government is moving ahead with the sale of the secure communications network that lets departments communicate confidentially.

The Victorian Government has unveiled plans to spend close to $50 million on new counter-terrorism capabilities for police.

Australian researchers have looked for the best warning signs that companies can use to spot potential cyber-security risks within their own staff.

Australian engineers are seeking a clearer view from space.

Reports say Uber could be legalised by the NSW government under drastic new reforms.

A new study says the uptake of high-capacity renewable energy storage for homes will increase significantly next year.

A serious security flaw in Federal Government financial systems has left Australians' private tax records unsecured.

Some of Australia’s top chief executives say the Turnbull government focus on technology education to boost productivity.

Communications Minister Mitch Fifield has dismissed the detailed analysis of the $15 billion NBN cost blowout by former CEO Mike Quigley, but has not provided any evidence to show why Quigley was incorrect.

Tasmanian experts are back from an Arctic research project where they used a variety of robots to map sea ice.

Robotic financial advice has been described as the most significant development that the sector has seen in decades.

While parents complain that kids spend all their time on electronic devices, new stats suggest their digital skills are slipping.

People say ‘the Internet of Things’ a lot these days, but the concept may not actually be new.

Refugee and asylum seeker children have skirted the rules of their detention and set up a Facebook page to speak out about their treatment.

Three in five Australians have been the target of online harassment and abuse, a landmark study has revealed.

The Tasmanian Government is building an on-island cloud service to hold government data and deliver services in the future.

Many people believe they have a doppelganger; someone else walking the planet that is completely identical to them.

While tech experts around the world seek the next level of artificial intelligence, an Australian team is hunting something harder to define – artificial consciousness.

Queensland Education Minister Kate Jones has confirmed that over 600 Department of Education records have been accessed illegally.

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