Chicken wire linked on the nano-scale could be the key to real-time, high throughput DNA sequencing, which would revolutionise medical research and testing.

Australian research engineers have created a ‘Google Maps’ view of the body.

The latest leaks of the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership show the Australian Government making some attempt to avoid its big pitfalls.

Researchers are looking at potential risks and benefits in the future of mobile e-voting.

The founder of one the nation’s most successful broadband companies has slammed the technological choices under­pinning the NBN.

ASIC say it needs access to private telecommunications to function properly.

Global finance giant Bloomberg has joined with the Australian Government on a $100 million health program.

The Senate will vote on the Government’s metadata retention bill today, and it appears almost certain to pass with the blessing of the party technically considered the Opposition.

The Western Australian Government has set up a new office to guide ICT reform.

Robots will change the Australian workforce in the next decade, according to some.

Legal experts say neither the Federal Government nor the Opposition have given a proper justification for new data retention laws.

Costa Rica has filled 100 per cent of its 2015 energy demand with renewable sources.

Australian IT company Anittel has secured a $2 million deal with a group of schools in Western Australia.

Researchers are working on an advanced suite of diagnostic simulation tools in South Australia.

A serious flaw in New South Wales’ electronic voting service – iVote – could have seen votes changed, experts say.

Australia now has a children's e-safety commissioner.

Members of the superannuation sector have warned about the risks of relying on technology and robo-advisers.

The Federal Government's controversial data retention bill is expected to pass parliament's lower house today, amid uproar from the media and public.

An incredible new technique could be the next big advance in 3D-printing.

Engineers have built a ‘nano-piano’ to demonstrate a high-tech new recording medium.

Some of Australia’s biggest publishers will take up arms against the Federal Government’s Data Retention Bill, and experts say their cause is just.

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