A University of Sydney researcher has successfully tested a method for docking and refuelling drones in mid-air.

Audi has produced a few litres of what they call the “fuel of the future”; a new brew for diesel consisting of water, carbon dioxide and 'green materials'.

Voting strictly on party lines means people very rarely know the real opinions of politicians, but one researcher says he may be able to find out.

Australian researchers have unveiled a device that can measure both the mass and the shape of a single molecule - a feat that was impossible until now.

The Immigration and Border Protection Department is bringing in a talking computer to help it sift through data.

Australian engineers have created a full-colour 3D display, which appears to pop off the screen – basically, a hologram.

Chinese scientists have modified the genes of a human embryo, but say the technology is not ready yet.

M2 Group, the owners of Dodo and Primus, is entering the bidding war with TPG to buy rival telco iiNet.

Online coupons service Spreets has been ordered to pay $600,000 for misleading customers.

New research says Australia could go 100 per cent renewable, with a few good policies.

A new study has investigated how the human auditory system represents time within a sound.

Scientists are testing a drone that drops beneficial insects onto crops.

Researchers have created an exciting artificial photosynthesis system, which captures carbon dioxide and uses solar energy to convert it into plastic products and fuel.

The chief of Europol says online thieves are shifting their targets from bank customers to the banks themselves.

Engineers at Disney Research Labs have made some improvements on their fabric-based 3D-printer, which can churn out anything from a blanket to a teddy bear.

The governments of Australia and Iran will share information on Australians fighting with the Islamic State group in Iraq under a new deal.

Leaked emails reveal that Sony Pictures has lobbied Netflix to cancel customer accounts for users who access the service via VPN, in places where Netflix has not launched.

Researchers at MIT are developing a new wearable device that turns the user’s thumbnail into a miniature wireless track pad.

The Australian Tax Office is using animated GIFs to sell the message of superannuation consolidation to trendy youngsters.

Astronomers have detected complex organic molecules - the building blocks of life - orbiting in a disc around a young star.

The age of hydrogen cars in Australia has begun.

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