Presented with the problem of getting robots to navigate small and oddly-shaped environments, many engineers might suggest an array of software, sensors and other high-tech add-ons.

A high-tech consortium led by Boeing has been awarded a $900 million contract to upgrade Australia’s battlefield communications technology.

The future of bricklaying could soon be unveiled in Australia, with engineers in Perth putting the finishing touches on a robot brickie.

Attorney-General George Brandis is seeking tough new requirements for Australian telcos.

Swedish scientists have built a neuron using organic bioelectronics.

There are strong signs that the Federal Government will soon commit to the controversial 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership, despite concerns it could be signing away its freedom.

A study of over 50,000 Twitter posts has shown where Australian politicians ‘really’ sit on the left-right divide.

Australian researchers want to ease the burden of back pain with their new invention – the smart chair.

Google says it will remove sexually explicit images of people posted without their consent from their search results.

Bioengineers have created a fully functioning engine that runs on the evaporation of room-temperature water.

Labor MP Ed Husic has become one of the first major party members to point out the flaws of the Abbott government's controversial anti-piracy website-blocking bill.

A new report says technology will make 5 million Australians redundant in the next 15 years.

A review of the Victorian Public Service’s digital strategy has slammed it for suffering from ineffective governance, weak strategic leadership and a lack of ownership of ICT responsibilities.

A new study has plotted the ways the people reinforce and expand their opinions, by surrounding themselves with sources that agree.

Reports say SpaceX will actually build Elon Musk’s Hyperloop – a futuristic transport tube designed to move people and freight at speeds over 1,200 km/h.

Engineers have developed a set of miniscule robotic tentacles so small they can lasso an ant or wrap around a human hair.

The Federal Government says a new communications industry regulator will be better able to control the ever-changing sector.

Philae is back - the European Space Agency (ESA) has received signals from its comet lander after months in the dark.

The Australian Government will not be able to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership as quickly as it hoped, with the United States Congress voting to slow down the negotiations.

The Federal Government says it wants to fast-track the National Broadband Network, and must deregulate to do so.

The ACCC has heard concerns about internet company TPG’s proposed takeover of iiNet.

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