Engineers have unveiled an exciting advance in the field of 3D-printing, with a device that can print in 10 different materials.

Fortescue Metals Group will use unmanned drones to survey its Cloudbreak mine in the Pilbara, as part of an effort to reduce the health and safety risks for survey staff.

The chief executive of the controversial dating site Ashley Madison has stepped down.

Facebook has a new record, after one billion people used the near-ubiquitous social network in a single day.

The competition regulator has given the green light to NBN's $800 million buy-out of Optus' cable TV and broadband network.

The Australian government says merging the CSIRO’s digital productivity arm with National ICT Australia (NICTA) will “supercharge” local technological advancements.

A new industry-linked program is throwing students into the deep end of the foreign exchange market.

Stephen Hawking has laid down his latest ideas on the nature of black holes.

Deakin University experts are developing a pocket-sized psychologist.

3D-printing has already changed the face of manufacturing, and a new development will only add to the range of the exciting technique.

Australian researchers have for the first time caught a snapshot of immune cells working to defeat infection.

Scientists from Australia’s Defence Science and Technology Group have showcased a unique computer security device that provides protection against cyber intrusion.

A new study says that 60 per cent of Australian students are studying for jobs that will not exists, or be very different, in 15 years’ time.

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been forced to defend a massive cost blow-out on the National Broadband Network.

A study on self-directed learning in STEM subjects suggests students can get a boost by going it alone.

The ACCC will not oppose TPG’s plan to buy iiNet, allowing two of the five broadband providers in Australia to become one.

A giant crane is placing an enormous saucer-shaped dish on its base at Canberra's Deep Space Communication Complex today.

A simple device could bring robots and artificial intelligence closer to natural human abilities.

Astrophysicist Professor Geraint Lewis says light speed space travel between galaxies may actually be possible.

Prisons around the country want the airspace above them to be declared a ‘no fly zone’ in order to stop people using drones to drops contraband over the fence.

The roll-out of NBN’s rural high speed satellite services will begin on 1 October 2015, the federal government says.

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