Advocacy groups have joined forces to fight the “data drought” brought by dodgy internet in the bush.

Public servants have seized a chance to slam their lack of free speech.

Product placement of real-world gun brands in video games does not appear to affect attitudes towards the gun, a new study shows.

Australian researchers have helped demonstrate a key element of quantum computing.

NBN Co chair Ziggy Switkowski has been grilled by a parliamentary committee ...

Finance authorities say Australia's $1.3 trillion superannuation pool could be used to fund terrorism.

US president-elect Donald Trump has issued his strongest warning yet about TPP global trade deal.

The Government could be walking away from its “urgent” review of offensive Wikipedia edits by public servants.

Australia’s entry in Elon Musk’s SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition has been unveiled.

High-tech sensors and citizen scientists have tracked down a new meteorite in WA.

Facebook is taking steps to weed out hoaxes and false information, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg says.

Some experts are concerned about plans to install Chinese technology on one of Australia’s most powerful supercomputers.

Poor speeds and drop-outs are the biggest complaints for National Broadband Network (NBN) customers.

There are unique issues with cyber safety in remote parts of Australia.

The most advanced weather satellite ever built has been fired into space.

Compulsory coding classes will be rolled out across Queensland next year.

CSIRO is seeking a full petaflop of processing power.

A new implant has allowed paralysed monkeys to walk again.

The US Government has effectively buried the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

Pharmacists are celebrating the largest robotic drug dispensary in the southern hemisphere.

New research has found big gaps in important digital health data.

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