Researchers have demonstrated the thinnest, lightest solar cells ever produced.

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is not going to meet its rollout targets, according to a leaked report.

As robots take on more human abilities, a new report on the future of the workforce has been released.

Tech experts have reviewed the botched handling of WA’s hospital digitisation program.

Australia will spend nearly $30 billion on new planes, submarines, soldiers and other military matters after the release of the Defence White Paper today.

Staff at the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) have become the latest to reject a bargaining agreement that their union says is framed by the Government’s “harsh and unworkable public sector bargaining policy”.

Labor, Greens and independent politicians have gathered to stop the latest attack on Australian science.

Bioengineering researchers have modified a commercial-grade laser cutter to create a low-cost laser sintering platform that can print intricate 3-D objects from powdered plastics and biomaterials.

Even though Australia has one of the world’s highest rates of internet access, there are concerns that kids from disadvantaged backgrounds are being left behind.

Multinational companies that avoid paying tax on Australian earnings could soon be forced to sell their assets.

The Australian parliamentary inquiry into ‘revenge porn’ is due to report this week, and experts say something drastic must be done.

China is about to fire up the world's largest radio telescope.

Physicist Stephen Hawking has unveiled this year’s Top 10 Global Teacher Prize Finalists.

A new company hopes to help bypass big electricity providers and let people trade their own power amongst themselves.

Engineers are using advanced techniques to store mind-boggling amounts of data on tiny glass discs.

A massive new industry could open up in Australia following research on materials for the thinnest condom ever.

Biomedical engineers have unveiled a ground-breaking new device over ten years in the making.

Tech engineers need to move away from silicon for computer chips, and researchers in the US may have found a good alternative.

Important interventions could be made with the release of a mobile phone app for detecting autism.

A new state-of-the-art facility could see Tasmania carve out a name as the home of underwater robots.

The Norwegian firm behind the somewhat popular Opera web browser has been offered a $1.7 billion buy-out.

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