Some of Australia’s most futuristic machines are being used to study some of the nation’s oldest artworks.

NBN's chief executive Bill Morrow says he has visited the homes of tech giants Google and Facebook, and confirmed that people do not want fibre optic internet at home.

Japan's space agency has lost a newly-launched astronomy satellite.

Using water, a laser and some key chemicals, the chance to make carbon nanotubes on an industrial scale has come closer.

Analysts say a tech revolution is rising in the mining industry.

Innovation Minister Christopher Pyne has announced the first stage of an online Digital Marketplace for smaller businesses to access government’s $5 billion annual spend on ICT projects.

There has been progress and a setback in the effort to patch up Tasmania’s power supplies.

Queensland researchers have taken another small step on the path to quantum computing.

Payday lender Nimble Australia has been order to pay back $1.5 million to over 7,000 customers after not meeting its lending obligations.

A stunning piece of research has seen the entire HIV-1 genome cut out of a patient’s infected immune cells.

The latest corporate tax transparency figures show almost a third of companies earning over $200 million paid no tax.

Curtin University has launched TopDump - new software to optimise waste rock and haulage management.

Korean engineers have unveiled a wearable, sweat-sensing patch that can monitor and regulate blood glucose levels.

Researchers want to make Adelaide an ‘integrated smart city’ to demonstrate the mod-cons of tomorrow.

Legal experts say there needs to be big reforms to protect privacy in the digital age.

Australian engineers say they have come up with a way to control high-tech materials in liquid using light.

The Federal Government could regulate the rapidly-expanding world of online gambling.

Psychologists say they are close to identifying the recipe for a viral video.

A group of doctors have found that patients prefer learning about their surgery from an iPad.

Federal education minister Simon Birmingham says mid-level maths should be made a pre-requisite for students looking to enrol in science, engineering or commerce degrees.

Australian engineers have unveiled a new type of graphene-based filter that work several times faster than current equivalents.

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