Facebook’s big figures have halted a run of poor results for tech stocks.

Scientists say they have developed a computer algorithm that can accurately tell whether a person is happy or sad, angry or expressing almost any other emotion.

The CSIRO has unveiled its formal restructuring plans, which include more than 275 job cuts.

Some of Australia’s top hackers have turned their programming prowess to fish conservation.

International attention has been drawn to the CSG industry in Queensland on the back of a YouTube video.

Solar Impulse 2 (SI2) has completed the latest leg of its journey around the world without consuming a drop of fuel.

Australian school students will be probed to find out what makes them tick, and learn.

The Australian Government has admitted it can conduct cyber attacks.

Australia's leading scientists are concerned that the CSIRO will lose millions of dollars in international grants.

Tech giant Intel has undertaken a ‘restructuring initiative’, which consists largely of sacking 12,000 workers.

Australian workforce data shows young people are not getting the enterprise skills employers want.

The Prime Minister has announced a $3 billion program that will see 12 offshore patrol vessels built in Adelaide and WA.

Engineers have unveiled what could be the next big thing in oil spill cleanup.

Another day, another baby step on the path to quantum computing.

The Greens have released an 18-point policy plan they say will stamp out tax avoidance by multinationals and raise at least AU$1.69 billion in additional revenue.

Telstra's chief technology officer says “innovation” is at risk of becoming a meaningless buzzword.

The human brain was developed largely for the purpose of not being eaten, but it can now do so much more.

A single Australian teenage taxpayer contributed over $500,000 to government coffers in 2013/14.

Nanostructured, gel-based batteries could soon be made on a commercial scale.

Evidence has been found of coral bleaching on Western Australia's Kimberley coast.

Perth’s newest village - White Gum Valley - will soon generate and sell its own electricity from a precinct of solar homes.

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