The Queensland University of Technology and the Queensland Government are joining forces to get driverless cars on the road.

One local engineer says he has the solution for dodgy internet coverage in the bush.

Imagine a cell that can monitor health from inside the body.

Engineers have unveiled an interesting new body chemical sensor.

Concerns have been raised about Telstra’s ability to deliver a new $220 million Federal Government contract.

An auditor’s report has found little to praise about West Australian government websites.

Scientists have seen tiny hints of a possible fifth force of nature.

Adelaide is testing motion-sensing LED street lights that darken when no one is around.

Australian scientist Michelle Simmons has been awarded the prestigious Feynman Prize in Nanotechnology.

Drone researchers have created an autonomous system that pushes the outer limits of extreme driving.

The digital literacy of a major terrorist group has been questioned again, after ISIS fanboys gave away their secret locations.

Reports say least two NBN employees will be sacked and arrested within days, as federal police investigate leaks.

Solar Impulse 2 - an experimental plane powered only by the Sun - has completed the latest leg of its trip around the world.

Imagine how many global issues and conflicts are caused by our inability to communicate.

Australia could be rising as a ‘hotspot’ for economic crime, with over ten per cent of Australian organisations reporting losses of at least $1 million.

Australian engineers have set a new world record for sunlight-to-electricity conversion.

Australian physicists are putting themselves out of a job, using AI to perform Nobel Prize-winning work.

Engineers have unveiled a stretchable solar-power generating skin, complete with tiny embedded batteries.

Australian engineers have unveiled a breakthrough new microscope, two decades in the making, opening up a new window into the scientific world.

Telstra is building fibre-optic networks across the Asia-Pacific region.

Commsec data shows ATM use has hit a near record low, leading economists to speculate on how just long we will keep using cash.

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