German researchers can 3D-print miniscule lenses onto the tip of a needle.

Australian scientists have made a new material that, on contact with water, folds itself into a straw and starts sucking up liquid.

Experts say internet access can boost education, employment and health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Queensland schools are fast-tracking the introduction of coding classes for kids.

Telstra is looking to acquire the minesite network firm CBO Telecommunications.

The former chief of NBN has harsh words about the project as it stands today.

Biological engineers are developing a programmable protein that could deliver next-generation drugs.

The world’s fastest supercomputer has been switched on in China.

ANZ has warned that Australia’s shift to a services economy could create a skilled labour shortage by 2030.

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) says a faster National Broadband Network needs to be delivered.

The Productivity Commission has again warned of the rise of the machines.

Engineers have developed a new way to turn electricity into light.

Australian tech-heads have improved the method for detecting the entanglement of quantum particles.

Australian scientists have helped detect the gravitational waves emitted by colliding black holes for the second time.

The Australian Government may finally get to see the F-35 stealth fighter next month.

Martin Parkinson, the head of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC), has rebuked the chief of the NBN.

Australian researchers have found a way to squeeze more out of rechargeable lithium batteries.

Tasmania’s Basslink power cable is back up and running, after almost six months offline.

Scientists have spotted one of the ways that our brains deal with the millions of different scenarios we face.

Experts in high-tech healthcare want better sharing of genomic information.

Microsoft is moving to buy a bigger slice of the business-tech market, with a $35 billion bid to buy LinkedIn.

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