The Australian Army is looking for millions of dollars worth of tiny flying robots.

Not even world leaders can protect themselves from cyber-attacks these days, but quantum computing could help.

Australians are some of the world most prolific ‘tap-and-go’ card users, but are not keen on the next step.

The ACCC is opening up some previously closed broadband networks.

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute is creating a free online database of more than 100 scientifically-accurate 3D biomedical animations.

The future could run on electric autonomous trucks, according to Elon Musk.

Labor’s shadow ministry is keeping small businees as a high priority.

Solar Impulse has landed in Abu Dhabi, becoming the first aircraft to travel around the world without expending a drop of fuel.

The Federal Government wants to use high-tech data analysis to cut the number of people on welfare.

South Australia might lose its title as the state with the most expensive electricity.

NBN says it will launch a second satellite for rural and regional internet access in October.

Every Australian should be guaranteed access to a phone, Telstra says.

A new study has identified nearly 100 previously unknown parts of the brain.

Researchers have combined muscles from a sea slug with a 3D-printed body to create a new ‘biohybrid’ robot.

Some of Australia’s top minds want the new Turnbull cabinet to maintain its focus.

Dutch engineers have developed a medium that can store 10,000 gigabytes of data per square centimetre.

US Vice President Joe Biden has toured one of Australia’s top cancer centres.

Research has revealed the importance of our daily rhythms.

Critics see Pokemon Go as a danger on the road, but could it keep drivers safe?

Dispute resolution robots are gaining popularity worldwide...

Australia’s top eight universities have launched a new music video to highlight engineering as a career for women.

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