The Bitcoin price had a crazy few days this week.

Victoria’s auditor-general says the state's IT recovery systems are not good enough, and could fail under attack.

Leases have been signed at what could be the site of Australia's first commercial space centre.

Scientists have miniaturised an essential quantum computing component.

A new digital system has been launched with the ambitious goal to change the way Australia’s mental health care system operates.

While customer confusion reigns, NBN chief Bill Morrow says he is “not the police”.

Australian researchers have helped measure how Earth absorbs the very highest energy neutrinos ...

Australia has played host to a robotics summit focussed on dealing with nuclear waste in the future.

Tesla has completed construction on what is described as the world's most powerful lithium ion battery.

DHS has been accused of a “scandalous” level of privatisation.

A new firm is using robo-lawyers to increase legal access in NT.

High-tech methods have been used to improve centuries-old clockwork mechanisms.

Swinburne engineers have been awarded for ground-breaking work to keep buildings standing.

The ACCC is concerned that enhanced used of data analysis could lead to e-collusion.

IBM is allowing cloud access to its 20-qubit quantum computer.

NSW Labor wants state government agencies to report any data breaches.

WA households are testing a new app that allows people to monitor their power consumption and pay their bills.

A new research collaboration has been launched to develop the next generation of sensitive, portable disease and drugs tests.

Union members at the Bureau of Meteorology are planning rolling strikes.

Trade ministers from 11 Pacific Rim countries have announced an agreement on a rebadged Trans-Pacific Partnership.

A major piece of Australian astronomical research infrastructure is now ten times more powerful.

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