The Commonwealth Bank is cutting 150 staff from its Brisbane operations.

Research suggests more Australian teenagers are viewing porn and doing so at a younger age than ever.

Queensland researchers are working on a diagnostic technique that can sense down to the single-molecule level.

Experts have highlighted a number of interesting points in the Census ...

Police have had to cancel hundreds of speeding tickets and fines after a virus ...

Australia’s Liberal party has launched a new website modelled after rival campaigning organisations such as Getup!.

Australian engineers are training drones to plant trees.

The CEO Sleepout charity has introduced a virtual reality homelessness experience.

A Senate inquiry has called for a reassessment of debts from Centrelink’s controversial debt recovery ...

Researchers have marked Australia’s first foray into space in 15 years ...

The Defence Department will move secret files into a government data hub, after a Chinese consortium bought half of Sydney data centre that was hosting them.

The National Computational Infrastructure (NCI)’s Raijin supercomputer has been ranked Australia’s fastest.

Advocates want to make sure funding for important telehealth services stays strong.

The ACCC wants NBN users to help it monitor the nationwide network.

Stanford University engineers have developed a new way to charge devices wirelessly, while they are in motion.

The Productivity Commission says the telecommunications universal service obligation (TUSO) is “deficient” ...

The NSW police force is spending $55 million combining all its technology into a single IBM mega-contract.

Chinese scientists have smashed the quantum entanglement record.

Researchers are investigating the idea of attaching defibrillators to drones.

Researchers are working on a new robotic tool for stroke survivors.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is bringing in the big guns to help out with the 2021 Census after last year's disastrous national survey.

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