NASA is preparing to send off the most prolific planet-hunting machine in history.

CSIRO has launched a new app to empower citizens scientists to monitor water quality.

Australian researchers have used video game software to enhance the safety of crane lift training and operation.

A new development could vastly increase the speed of fibre-optic communication.

Researchers say match-making robots could be used to help increase coral spawning.

Google has fired 48 employees for sexual harassment over the past two years.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has responded to claims it was damaging its forecasting.

Critics say “authority creep” is allowing increasing numbers of government agencies to access people’s data.

People fleeing domestic violence have been warned that former partners could trace them via their children's myGov accounts.

Australian engineers are developing a low cost, easy to use cancer detector, designed to be attached to a smart phone.

Telstra has taken responsibility for an outage that saw over 1,400 calls to triple-zero going unanswered earlier this year.

Artificial intelligence has improved on human-designed quantum science experiments.

Army combat units could soon be accompanied by killer robots.

A Senate committee has recommended Australians be given another year to opt out of the My Health Record system.

The Federal Government wants to be able to instruct Google to demote search results for pirate sites.

Cisco has contradicted Peter Dutton’s claims that the government’s decryption bill will not result in “back doors” in their products.

The merger of Fairfax and Nine appears likely to go ahead, despite a recent share price slump.

Melbourne's Federation Square has been put up for heritage protection ...

New imaging and modelling technologies are transforming the field of plant science.

Engineers are working on new gloves that let users touch, grasp and manipulate virtual objects.

Apple says the Federal Government’s new decryption bill could create security weaknesses and force it to spy on users.

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