Google says it will stop carrying advertisements for binary options trading and other risky financial schemes.

Australian researchers have created a incredibly sensitive new device that uses a single atom as its sensor.

A fleet of wind and solar-powered ocean drones will soon capture valuable data off Australian coasts.

The Chinese space station Tiangong-1 should crash somewhere on Earth around Easter.

Telstra has admitted thousands of customers may have been charged for content they did not mean to buy.

Australian researchers are developing data mining software to predict civil unrest and other big social changes.

iiNet and Internode have agreed to compensate 11,000 customers ...

Child abuse images have been found in bitcoin's blockchain.

The Federal Government is considering imposing a $7 tax per package when buying products from overseas online.

The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet wants to make large government datasets more useful.

Gold Coast City Council will collect large amounts of data from its free Wi-Fi service.

Australia’s Privacy Commissioner is investigating whether any locals are caught up in an international scandal about the misuse of Facebook profiles.

Research suggests social media use at age 10 could reduce the wellbeing of adolescent girls.

A woman has been killed by one of Uber’s self-driving cars.

AI can now diagnose and identify cancerous prostate samples as accurately as a professional pathologist.

Facebook has suspended Cambridge Analytica over improperly obtained user data.

The first data breach has been reported under the new notification laws.

A third of households that try to switch over to the NBN are left without connectivity during the process, official stats say.

Using data collected by citizen scientists, researchers have developed new algorithms to automatically detect bat echolocation calls.

A leading figure in the AI world has discussed the risks of the growing technology.

Australian engineers are developing nanoscale ID tags for next-level security.

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